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All photos taken by & property of Jen Hamilton and used with client permission. 

Wisdom: ancestral knowledge and individual journeys are honored and respected here


Equity: equality isn't enough; my services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each family I serve


Liberty: each human being has the inherent right to autonomy & self-determination


Collaboration: the strength of our work together lies in valuing the contributions of all team & family members


Openness: transparency about our needs, abilities, & capacity fosters trust and deepens relationships

Mindfulness: beyond simply being present, I am mindful of how my actions impact others


Enthusiasm: I am passionate about this work and creating positive change in the world

I am invested in providing quality care to our community and do, on occasion, have reduced fee services available. If I am the right doula/lactation consultant for you, we will work together ensure you have my support. If not, I will work with you to find appropriate services within your budget.

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