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lactation & feeding

feeding is more than just food...

I will be forever in debt to Rue Khosa, FNP, IBCLC (above, with her sweet Gray-Gray) for her incredible mentorship around lactation & feeding. I am so grateful to have spent my "formative years" with her at The Perfect Push

LACTATION: For as long as I have been a parent, supporting successful feeding HOWEVER IT HAPPENS has been a passion of mine. I work with all kinds of families in my lactation practice, for all kinds of reasons! I have experience working with families in all of the following areas: 

  • prenatal assessments, which help to set expectations for and provide clues about body feeding, & allow us to create a plan for the "what ifs" even BEFORE baby is here;

  • baby feeding challenges of all sorts, including: low supply, painful latch, oversupply, slow weight gain, oral tethers (tongue/lip ties), clogged/plugged ducts and more;

  • families with specific challenges, including: IVF, "advanced maternal age", thyroid or metabolic disorders (including diabetes & PCOS), inducing lactation, larger bodied folks, history of trauma, shared feeding (multiple feeding parents), tandem feeding (multiples or sibs of different ages), NICU stay, etc;

  • bottle feeding, pumping, weaning, introducing solids, returning to work, and more!

Telehealth is an option for some issues (only those when an oral exam or feeding evaluation is not required).

ALL visits will include a detailed medical history, breast/chest and/or oral exam, time for questions/discussion, a detailed written plan, and a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Payment for services is due at the time of your visit and can be made by cash, check or credit card (including HSA or FSA card).

FEES & BOOKINGPlease review the appointment types below CAREFULLY to ensure you are booking the correct amount of time for the service you need-and avoid having to do the paperwork twice! Confused about what you need? Click here!

FAQ regarding lactation & feeding services:

​Q: Do you only work with families that exclusively breast/chest feed?

A: NO! I work with any family looking for help to get their baby fed! I can absolutely help families perfect their body-feeding, and also help with things like pumping, supplementing, bottle feeding, slow weight gain, sore nipples, oversupply, medical complications...the list goes on!

Q: But come're a lactation consultant and you won't shame me for bottle feeding formula?

A: Really and truly. It is HARD to be a parent, and even harder to find folks who will provide unconditional support. That's why I absolutely LOVE being an IBCLC who comes from a doula background. The way I see it, my job is to help you figure out HOW you want to feed your baby and work with you to figure out WHAT to do to make that happen. 

​Q: You mention an oral exam as part of the lactation consultation--what IS that?

A: Yes, an oral exam or assessment is a part of what I will do when I meet your baby. You can find out more information here.