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All photos taken by & property of Jen Hamilton and used with client permission. 

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Effective 1/1/23, I will be working in partnership with two beloved long-time colleagues of mine in order to make this work sustainable for us while also bringing benefit to clients. My dear friends, Katie Rohs (, Mariah Falin ( and I work together to support birthing folks and their families as Jet City Doulas ( We are a collaborative group, hired together by clients and sharing prenatal preparation & postpartum care (each client has time one-on-one with us before and after birth) while taking turns being on-call to attend births. This is similar to what we see with our midwifery and OB practices locally and ensures that you will have a doula who is rested and focused with you during the birth process, as well as a support team with an unparalleled breadth and depth of knowledge as you prepare for, and adjust to, life with your new baby. Collectively, we have served over 700 families and bring 25+ years of experience to this team. We are doulas, childbirth educators, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, and more. If there’s a need or expertise you are looking for during your pregnancy or postpartum time, chances are we can cover it – or know exactly who to refer you to.  



  • 24/7 access to the messaging portals for any and all questions; 

  • Preparing for Postpartum class (included with your fee) taught every other month;

  • Three structured doula visits, one with each of the Jet City Doulas partners;

  • As many check-ins (up to 30 min) as needed via phone or Zoom;​

  • ​A prenatal lactation assessment (included as part of your visit with me).


  • The doula on-call will join you wherever you are whenever you're ready.

    • No need to wait for active labor;  

    • No overtime fees.

  • Physical, emotional, and informational support throughout the birth process;

  • Around 2 hours of immediate postpartum support, including help with first feedings.



  • Three structured doula visits, one with each of the Jet City Doulas partners;

  • As many check-ins (up to 30 min) as needed via phone or Zoom;

  • Continued support through our client portal through baby's first birthday.

  • Need more help after baby arrives? Consider a postpartum doula! (Like my incredible partner Mariah for overnights!)

FEES: The service fee is $3000, payable in total at sign-on OR over 3 payments. Visit us over at Jet City Doulas to learn more!

FAQ regarding birth doula services:

Q: Can I get more prenatal or postpartum visits?

A: Services are crafted to meet the needs of your specific family. Should you, for any reason, require more than the regular services, talk with us and we can figure it out! You will also have access to us for 30-minute Zoom or phone meetings whenever you need.

Q: Do you offer childbirth education?​

A: I currently focus on Preparing for Postpartum: getting ready for what life will be like with a newborn at home. I can provide many great options for CBE and labor preparation–including my amazing doula partner, Katie!

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