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I love to teach almost as much as I love to learn! Come join me for a class!


  • 2 classes:

    • Staying Alive: Surviving the First 6 Weeks–focused on caring for your newborn, your new body, and your changing relationship (2.5-3 hours);

    • Feeding Your New Human 101–all about preparing to feed your baby, focused on breast/chest feeding but including important information for all feeding methods (3.5-4 hours); 

  • Included in price for doula clients, $75/class (or both for $125) for non-clients;

  • Each taught one Saturday morning/month, on alternating months;

  • Schedule your classes HERE!


  • 3-hour class focused on the fundamental Spinning Babies principles: movement, balance, and gravity;

    • Individual daily exercises that focus on range of motion;

    • ​Partner exercises that focus on balance;

    • Labor exercises that encourage favorable fetal positioning.

  • Feel rejuvenated and empowered!

  • Fee: $100 for doula clients, $150 for non-clients.

  • Contact Jen here to schedule your private class.

FAQ regarding classes:

Q: Can anyone take these classes?

A: Yes! All our classes are open to the public. If you take a class from us and think it was wonderful, please spread the word! Send your friends here to sign up!

​Q: When should I take a class?

A: The Spinning Babies Parent Class can be taken any time during your second or third trimester. The earlier you take it, the longer you'll be able to use the techniques and the better opportunity for balance and connection. Our Preparing for Postpartum classes are best taken in your third trimester, so the information is fresh when baby arrives – plus you'll get a copy of the slides and a ton of resources to review as often as you like!