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All photos taken by & property of Jen Hamilton and used with client permission. 

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Postpartum doulas are there every step of the way for new families. How? Read on!


  • 24/7 access to the HIPAA-compliant messaging portal for any and all questions; 

  • Preparing for Postpartum classes (included with your fee) taught every other month;

  • Creating a care calendar based on your EDD;

  • One in-person doula visit, in order to:

    • Learn how to best serve every member of the family;

    • Have an expert weigh in on all baby preparations;

    • Teach me how your home works;

    • Finalize your postpartum calendar.

  • As many check-ins (up to 30 min) as needed via phone or Zoom;

  • ​A prenatal lactation assessment (included in fees).


  • Visits as scheduled with me may include:

    • Practical support: meal prep, laundry, baby care;

    • Emotional support: processing your birth or checking in on feeding, sleep, and mood;

    • Feeding support from an IBCLC: for body feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, formula prep;

    • Providing expert guidance and resources regarding newborn care and development;

    • Support your family during early parenthood.

  • As many check-ins (up to 30 min) as needed via phone or Zoom;

  • Continued support through our client portal through baby's first birthday.

FEES​Base fee is $70 per hour. I work daytime shifts ONLY, with a minimum 4-hour shift. Half of total fees are due at signing, with the remainder due at 38weeks of pregnancy. (For postpartum services booked after baby arrives, all fees will be due up-front) Package discounts are as listed:

  • 20+ Hour package: $1350 (hours between 21-39 will be billed at this per-hour rate of $68.75)

  • 40+ Hour package: $2725 (hours between 41-59 will be billed at this per-hour rate of $68.125)

  • 60+ Hour package: $4050 (hours beyond 61 will be billed at this per-hour rate of $67.50)

FAQ regarding postpartum doula services:

Q: Wait, how does this work when you're also a birth doula?

A: Families who engage me for postpartum work need to be flexible! Birth work is unpredictable, and the need to reschedule does arise. If that happens, we will work together to find the best and soonest time for me to make up our hours together.

Q: Is there such thing as postpartum support BEFORE the baby comes?

A: Actually, YES! It's called antenatal support, and provides the same sort of in-person, practical support for families dealing with things like physical disability, bedrest, or other challenges. I am happy to consider antenatal support on a case-by-case basis. If you're interested in this help, drop me a line.

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