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 Evidence-based, full-spectrum, non-judgmental support...focused on helping you thrive as your family grows.

All photos taken by & property of Jen Hamilton and used with client permission. 


what do you mean by...


grounded in science

In my work with families, I rely heavily on my background in Human Development and its foundations in psychology, sociology, biology & anthropology.

Examining the perinatal period from many angles allows for a deeper understanding of what is happening, and why.


room for all

I'm here to provide support for individuals & families navigating any and

every outcome of pregnancy & feeding. I also offer doula & lactation support for a full spectrum of human beings. The goal is for you to have the perfect fit & style of care...if it's not me, I will do my best to help you find your person! 


you know your family best

My job is to support you in finding your own way forward as a family.

When following your lead, I can provide resources,

offer ideas, and discuss options for

complementary support. My ultimate goal is always for families to find a way of being and growing that feels right to them. 

Who is wee welcome doula & lactation?
Click here to learn more about Jen Hamilton, BS, full-spectrum doula, IBCLC
Speaking of Evidence....

The folks at Evidence Based Birth have compiled the research on doulas. Using a birth doula results in:

  • 39% decrease in the risk of Cesarean; 

  • 15% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth;

  • 10% decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief;

  • Shorter labors; 

  • Increase in birth satisfaction (31% decrease in the risk of dissatisfaction with the birth experience).

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